Sunday, May 30, 2010


Oh my pillow
You are so soft
Soft enough to lead me into sweet dream
You are so soft
Soft enough to shed my saliva and sweat
Sometimes even tears
You are so soft
Yet soft enough to support the mass of my central
Oh my pillow
The moment without you
Only emptiness that i would feel

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sex Education In Malaysia

In 2005, a recommended syllabus on sex education was sent to the cabinet for approval. I absolutely agree that sex education should be implemented as a way to educate the youth to educate themselves and their next of kin about sex and to prevent sex crimes. Sex education could give the youth an early exposure to sex information .This early exposure is so important to prevent child sexual abuse and misunderstanding towards sex. Besides, sex education helps in preventing STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) such as HIV and AIDS. Citizens are encouraged to have safe sex and are taught the way of having safe sex through sex education. Apart from that, adverse impacts of having sex such as abortion, miscarriage, and pregnancy among teenagers could be prevented through sex education. Teenagers would be encouraged not to have premarital sex and knowledge on how to take care of pregnant and baby are taught. Opponents of sex education would argue that sex education should be done by parents instead of through schooling as children would feel more comfortable to learn sex knowledge from their parents. Having to say that, however, not all parents are well-equipped with right sex information and not all of them are well-trained to teach about sex knowledge compared to the professional educators. What parents taught might contain preference and misleading information. Furthermore, some children are orphans or grown up in single-parent families. Opponents also support their stand by saying that implementation of sex education is a redundancies as there are existing knowledge about sex in the science and biology subjects. However, sex education would not only educate people scientifically like biology and science educations do but ethnically. Teenagers could learn the true purpose and responsibility of having sex through sex education. To sum up, sex education should be implemented in order to educate the youth about sex morally and scientifically.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I am sure that most of the people have heard about the story ‘The Race between Rabbit and Tortoise’ before. There is a new version of the story that I would like to share. It sounds like this. Once upon a time, a race between rabbit and tortoise was held. Apart from two of them, snail and ant were the participants too. As expected, rabbit held the fastest position. Whereas, tortoise crawled patiently by far behind rabbit and he met snail on his way. He offered to give a ride to snail. Soon, snail got onto tortoise’s shell. After that, he gave the same offer to ant when they met. After the ant got into position, snail gave ant a special advice -‘Hold firmly! Tortoise ran very fast!’ This joke impressed me deeply just like the way my master did. We have known each other since she was five. She is an outgoing girl who is popular among her friends because of the joking skill she has. She always says that jokes bring joy to people and they could shorten the distance between one another. Need not to say, she is the joker of my life.

I am black in color which is her favorite. Always, black symbolizes mysterious. However, she looks it from a different perspective. From her point of view, the color of black represents power as it could blot out the others. Besides, it could be a strong contrast to most of the other colors, just like a spot light shinning at everyone. She possesses competitive and boy-like character as she used to race with her group of friends which she is only girl of them. Often, bruises and scars would be all over our bodies after racing. Sometimes, her kindness in the sense of taking care of me touches me. For instance, she bathes me every time after ride. Apart from cycling, she enjoys all kinds of sport such as badminton, basketball, table tennis…… I am proud of myself for becoming a part of her childhood which is only consisted of joys and smiles.

Often, books are the best friend of humankind. However, she is spared. Perhaps, she is hyperactive or reading is too boring for her. Besides, she thinks that reading is to discover other’s ideas. She finds it more interesting to explore, to experience and to share. I could still recall her most daring exploration which took place at the roof of her house. It sounded ridiculous when I overheard her sharing with her friends. One usual day in 2002, her guts and curiosity motivated her to climb up to the roof just for fun. In default of good advice, she fell from the roof through the ceilings. Fortunately, she fell on a bed. Besides, she had been an intruder of a mining area too. Of course, she had got bad scold yet still happy and proud of that. Sometimes, her craziness worries me.

Rule is her enemy. Perhaps, breaking rules is her favorite event. Surprisingly, she became a school prefect who needs to protect the rules during her age of 13. Two years later, she failed to carry out her duties, and got sacked. Since then, she returned to be herself again-a rule-breaker. She played truant whenever there was a chance to do so, ate in class and challenged the school prefect. I guess the most suffering period for her was during her national service. She had struggled hard to obey all the rules such as waking up at 5a.m., attending boring classes, tidying up the bed……which was just like prisoner’s life. ‘Rule is dead and is like a cage which forbids a bird to fly!’ she complaint when riding me. I am absolutely joyful as I could bring her the feeling of freedom.

I have made a lot of friends after her enrollment in college. Few days ago, was her nineteenth birthday and it was my fourteenth birthday too. I kept her company for the whole treasure hunt which was planned by her beloved classmates. The treasure was a puzzle which jots down the memories of her friends and her. I have made wishes for her and myself. I hope that no one could replace me in her heart. Besides, I wish that she could pursue her study at Australia and continue bringing jokes to people all the time even though I may not be sharing the jokes after she succeeds.